After a long exploration, we decided to establish our winery in the picturesque village of Rabano, situated in the Valley of Duraton, only 9 km away from Peñafiel (the heart of the Ribera del Duero)

Our elaboration philosophy is accurate to the one applied in all our wineries

  • Working with the Tinto Fino grape, the typical and unique VARIETY of the Ribera del Duero region.
  • We are looking for sandy SOILS that adapted themselves best to the characteristics of the Tinto Fino grape.
  • TEAMWORK. We are far and foremost people in search of an objective: to create the best wine year after year, and for that we only see one possible way: the summation of all effort.
  • To continue with the TRADITION that has lead the wines from Ribera del Duero towards great recognition and international appreciation.
  • The INTEGRITY to accomplish a given objective by choosing not the easiest but the most accurate way.

In the winery we also attempt to break the rules, employing techniques like the pre fermentative pellicular maceration or the ageing in 400l barrels in order to proportion the oak better.

Illusion and knowledge that are being transmitted into the DOMINIO ROMANO wines.

A wise hand

In 2003 we invited Jordi to join us in a new fantastic adventure in the Priorat, as director of the winery GRATAVINUM.  One year later, we offered him another even bigger challenge if that is possible: to elaborate a wine that would make history in the Ribera del Duero… That is how in 2005 DOMINO ROMANO was born.