The Soils

The vineyards are worked in the same way our ancestors used to do. The vines grow very close to the soil in order to get protection from the winter frost, and are trained as bush vines without the necessity of irrigation and are left free standing.

DOMINIO ROMANO owns a few hectares (two small parcels situated close to the winery) but we also buy grapes from small, local winegrowers who share our philosophy and treat the vines as if they were a garden.

Faithful towards our philosophy to respect the environment we cultivate our vineyards and those of our collaborators organically, without the employment of herbicides or pesticides.

A Little Treasure

Among the vineyards is a pre filoxeric vineyard with approximately 125 year old vine stocks, probably one of the oldest vineyards in the region. From its grapes RDR is being born, a wine full of passion and elegance. A truly witness of the great uniqueness of the history of Ribera del Duero.